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Save Flash Videos

Interested in saving videos from YouTube or other arbitrary websites?  Want to watch video on MegaVideo.com without running into time limits? The following technique is useful in both situations.  When playing video from the internet, most browsers download a copy of the video to your computer.  This copy of the file is downloaded from the beginning of the file allowing you to watch it as it downloads.  This copy can be saved an viewed outside the browser.

Step 1 – Empty Disk Cache

Using Firefox, press ctrl+shift+delete.  Select cache to clear, and time range: everything.

Step 2 – Determine Location of Cache

Enter “about:cache” into the Firefox address bar.

Second results will be titled “Disk cache device” and it’s location should be given.

Copy the location into windows explorer to navigate to your cache location.  Only a few entries should be present since you emptied your cache.

Step 3: Navigate to the video you want to save or stream without monitoring

Play with flash video in Firefox for a moment then pause playback.  Allow the buffer indicator to fill for a moment.

Step 4: Find the video in the disk cache device location

Go back to the windows explorer view of your cache.   Sort the items by size.  The largest should be your video, provided you are not streaming multiple videos at once.  It will have a name like “274747FBDd01″ and a size of a few megabytes.  If the video is fully buffered you can copy the file to another location on your system, change the filename to something relevant and add the extension .flv.  If the video is still buffering, you can play it in VLC while it continues to download.

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