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Windows Forms Applications in Microsoft Visual C++

I’ve spent the few weeks developing applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition for a Robotics Surgery Tracking System.  The learning curve was a bit steep but with the help of Google, the Microsoft Developers Network and fellow Biorobotics Lab Graduate Student Tim Kowalewski I’ve learned a lot and have some highly commented code that I think will be useful to others.  It includes the use of a VC++ Windows Forms Application, including a custom built class in unmanaged memory (as opposed to the managed memory used in WFA’s) and lot’s of examples.  Our aim was to convert a simple console application in to a professional end-user application with a  graphical user interface.

If you have a similar project email me and I can share some with with you to get you started.

Icon for the SurgTrak Software developed in the BioRobotics Lab.

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  1. Brunela Karamani says:

    need to create an windows application form in mvs

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